The Way With Baby Names

If a person makes a name, so does a name make a person. Names are said to be reflections of their bearers’ personality. A name works like magic behind one’s identity. The world sees through the totality of a person with his or her name. That shows how important names are, or should be.

Your baby deserves the best name there is. You can give it your best shot. Here are some points to consider.It is time to depart from tradition, no matter how sentimental such a tradition may sound to all of us. Names of family members and other relatives who preceded one’s generation often evoke fondness. No wonder it seemed natural for parents to name their babies with those of their forebears.

You need not be compelled by the same thought. After all, your baby has his or her own identity and a great future quite distinct from everyone else’s looms before him or her. The point is not about letting go of your roots.

Far from it. The point is about expanding your choices of babies’ names. But in the event you do believe names from the family are too precious to be forgotten, and you want them to assume some kind of immortality, consulting thoroughly your family tree can be helpful. Check and re-check those whose names might be exactly similar to what you have in mind for your baby. People can end up baffled by two different people having one name and you surely would not want that likely scenario to unfold, especially if it involves your son or daughter.

Try some kind of a visioning exercise. Your baby will soon face the real world, as it were. Careless names, nicknames or monikers can put your child in embarrassing situations–shun them.

Take time to dig meanings of names and make sure your baby’s name will not provoke funny, visceral or even sordid thoughts or insinuations. You may pick Adonis because, in your view, the name suggests machismo and you foresee that attribute in your newborn son. But never pick a name out of nowhere. Not even something like Melquisidique or Rigoberta simply because it sounds nifty or stylish to you. Don’t copy a celebrity’s name simple because you happen to be a big fan of his or her. Naming a baby requires care and a big amount of consideration. Avoid names that hardly fit to your baby or one that signifies nothing.

Put the name you have chosen for your baby to a simple test. Pay particular attention to the initials it brings out. Some idle parents have needlessly subjected their children to public ridicule and other unpleasant encounters due to initials or key letters that connote wild, strange, and even nasty ideas. Examples: Faye Yap Inoue: “Here comes the Fox lady”; Arnold Swaze Swarzzeneger: “Hole in one!”; or Frances Uldrich Coppola Keynes!

Moderate your creativity. Too much cooking can spoil the broth. Symptoms of overkill can be found in spelling of names that are too unique for comfort. Think of instances where your child has to spell his or her name every time he introduces himself or herself. Try to spare him or her that trouble.

Strive to make the process of decision-making democratic or participatory. Both parents would do well to jointly decide on what name to choose. It reinforces the ties that bind between the two and, later, among the three of them. Each story behind baby naming has a life of its own and may in fact outlive anyone. The one for your baby is no exception. Make it mean something for all who cared. Besides, more inputs give rise to better chances of selecting the best name your baby can ever have. All told, be wary of pitfalls you need to avoid in choosing names for your baby. It can be tough but just do your homework. Embarrassing letters and repugnant meanings are some of the big No-Nos. The power to pick a name for a baby uniquely belongs to parents. Make the most of it and bring up a child who shall forever be grateful to you for his or her identity.

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